EggMania: Where's the Egg in Exactly?

Book Cover - EggMania - Sherry Maysonave

Awarded “Best Children’s Illustrated eBook” IPPY 2013 Award; Mom’s Choice Award 2013 “Excellence Seal of Approval”; Benjamin Franklin Digital Book Innovation Award (IBPA); kidSAFE Certified.

EggMania is a multi-sensory, rhyming tale of adventure loaded with brainy enrichment and an essential life lesson. Acknowledging that kids learn through play, EggMania was written to educate and entertain children growing up in today’s digital world. EggMania is a versatile learning tool in the areas of language development, creative writing, art, science, and speech.

EggMania features a boy and his insatiable quest for knowledge. After hearing mispronunciations of the word “exactly” as “eggzactly”, even by educated people, Gregg Kregg sets out to find the “Egg”. He searches the world, explores the sky, and meets unusual creatures, such as a fox, dolphins, and a choir of feathered angel fairies named The Gaelles, who challenge and guide him. The Gaelles introduce him to the Queen Mother of all Eggs – The Great Mum Henny. She shocks Gregg with her “egg” versus “x” theories and further surprises him with the uncovering of the true-blue wish of his heart. The Great Mum helps Gregg learn the importance of speaking correctly while underscoring an empowering life lesson: even if he makes mistakes, he can still be extraordinary.

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…the most innovative children’s book I have seen in a long time. There is so much interactivity within the pages with an expansive vocabulary that I even learned a few things from!


Folks, this book is phenomenal. The illustrations…the writing…the concept!…Sherry Maysonave is a Genius and Denise Caliva is a Master. I can’t say enough about this book!


Magical! If you’re an adult who loves the best children’s books, then you will adore Sherry Maysonave’s gorgeous, poetic tale. The artwork is lovely, and the plot and characters are riveting. Just don’t read this book around the kids, or they will try to steal your iPad. Time to buy them their own tablet, perhaps.

SJM240, Apple iBook Reviewer

I applaud the active learning approach. The captivating artwork appeals to all ages, and the ability to click on words to learn more about them is fun, engaging, and effective. The positive lessons are ideal, and I recommend this for any child, young or old. The concept of a book is eclipsed. This is an interactive learning adventure!

Children's Book Expert, Apple iBook Reviewer

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