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Author Sherry Maysonave

Sherry Maysonave - Award winning author and motivational speaker

Sherry has been interviewed by more than 200 TV, radio, and print publications across the U.S., Canada, and Europe. She has made multiple appearances on NBC’s Today, ABC, CBS, Fox, and NPR, and has been featured in USA Today, Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, New Yorker, InStyle, and BusinessWeek.

Based on a never-before-told, true story of Hinda Mondlak’s mind-boggling survival during the Holocaust and her daring escape from Auschwitz with her younger sister. Breathtaking, powerful, and uplifting.

Hinda was eighteen years old when an axe crashed through the front door of her home in Poland. Nazi soldiers swarmed inside and herded the family into an army truck and hauled them away for one lone reason: They were Jews. World War II and the Hitler-induced Holocaust was in full swing.

“A Moving Work”
“…readers will admire Hinda’s devotion to her family and her determination to resist her Nazi captors as they attempt to dehumanize her. There’s also a remarkable love story at the heart of this novel—a relationship that will surprise and delight readers for its ability to withstand the most terrible of circumstances… A moving work…”
─Kirkus Reviews

“As a student of the Holocaust and one who interviewed Holocaust survivors for Steven Spielberg’s Survivors of the Shoah History Foundation, I thought I had heard it all. Now, I know I was wrong. This is not your ordinary Holocaust story. Do yourself a favor. Find out for yourself.”

Mike O’Krent — Founder and CEO, LifeStories Alive, LLC
Holocaust Survivors Interviewer for Steven Spielberg’s Survivors of the Shoah History Foundation

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